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the simple, inexpensive easy way to create your own custom poker chips!
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DESIGN Incuded Software

Install the included Windows compatible design software on your computer and create your design. The software comes with tons of backgrands and out of the box templates to make it simple and easy to create the design you want. Use the templates or create your own design using your pictures and logos.

PRINTPhoto quality labels

Print your newly created design on the included photo quality chip labels. Print just one or as many as you want at once. The included 700 photo quality labels let you print using your printers high quality setting giving you great looking images for your custom poker chips.

STICKLabel Placement Tool

Slip a poker chip into the included label placement tool to easily center your label on your poker chip. Not only could you create awesome looking casino style poker chips for your own home poker games, but you can also create fun coupons for your business, giveaways for special events and more.

Satisfaction100% Money Back

We are huge believers in making quality products that we are proud to sell. We stand behind our quality and back our kit with a 100% money back guarentee. For any reason if you are not happy with the product, we will refund 100% of your money. We pride ourselves on high customer service and enjoy helping our customers, as all companies should!


That's right, we stand behind our product 100% and if there is any reason what so ever that you are not satisfied with our product, we will give you your money back. You have absolutely no risk in trying this product out to see how it works. We pride ourselves in customer satisfaction and will personally take care of any issues you may have. Without our customers we know we wouldn't have a business so we make sure we take good care of you.


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